Who We Are

Our company hires based on very specific compositional needs to ensure the maximum group cohesion and individual fulfillment of all it's members. This way, the passion that burns in each one of us remains lit always.


Founder / CEO

Hello my name is Yusef and during my third year of university studying psychology I got the urge to explore my creativity through web design. Soon I realized I could really take this somewhere fast if I can continue to structure my knowledge building, using ideas from psychology and cognitive science. As my confidence grew I decided I wanted a bigger role in sharing the beauty and logic of design with the world. Thus Soren Media was born.

"I require as much respect as any of you. Which is to say...alot!"

James H.

Cofounder / Social Media Coordinator

James and me reconnected early in 2016 due to random coincidental circumstance. I divulged to him my new found interest in web design and as he is an artist himself his enthusiasm for the idea alone led me to invite him to start this company with me. His enthusiasm also made him the perfect fit for our many social media campaigns.



Web Developer

We needed someone to handle the backend portion of this company's online presence. We needed someone who was naturally able to predict the long-term consequences of the decisions that were made in that area. The INTJ was the perfect fit and his eye for future and his ability to get to the heart of a situation extends to all areas of our company, and for that we are most greatful.

"You could do it that way but then what would you do if..." "It's really simple once you think about it this way..."